Caries Treatment

The specialists of our clinic attach great importance to the accurate and early diagnosis of caries, as it allows our patients to get the earliest and the least expensive but guaranteed treatment of dental caries. For this purpose of diagnosis we use the high-tech equipment (X-ray, specialized video and camera).

In Openko’s Dental Clinic dental treatment is always carried out safely and painless for the patient. We always isolate the working-field by cofferdam - a special device that ensures clean working area and comfort for the patient and dentist.

At our disposal we have the most advanced composite materials. Such filling is almost impossible to distinguish from natural tooth. We renew not only color but also the degree of transparency and light reflection of different layers of dental hard tissues.

If necessary we use special materials that have a healing effect. We are doing everything to keep your teeth vital, it prolongs their life greatly.

лечение кариеса