Dental prosthetics

Orthopedics (prosthetics) is one of the most demanded dental care after therapeutic caries treatment. The tasks of dentist − orthopedist are very diverse and often resolved during the implantation of teeth, orthodontic treatment to correct a bite or aesthetic dentistry. Therefore, when planning treatment it is often required consulting several specialists.

The most frequently prosthetic manipulations are demanded for the restoration of damaged teeth with artificial crowns, veneers, or tabs which partially or completely protect teeth from direct external exposure after the necessary procedures. So the skills of dentists are very important and materials for the crowns as well.

In Openko Dental Clinic we apply all types of crowns − from traditional metal-ceramic crowns to innovative crowns of zirconium oxide that allows achieving excellent aesthetic results due to the properties of zirconium alloy with no loss of structural strength.

If a tooth is missed completely the prosthesis are used with removable, partly removable and fixed prosthetic constructions. Lost teeth restored with bridges and removable denture and clasp prostheses with a locking mount. While choosing a prosthetic frame orthopedist takes into account the characteristics of the proposed materials: strength, biocompatibility, aesthetic properties, hypoallergenic.

Most physiological and qualitative way to replace missing teeth is a prosthetic implant. This type of prosthesis allows to save the adjacent teeth, and allows you to restore dentition without consequences for the entire jaw-facial system.

Modern prosthetic dentistry concerned not only with the replacement of lost teeth, but also treatment and prevention of diseases of temporomandibular joint and various states that have appeared as a result of acquired pathological closure of teeth (poor quality denture and dental care, gum and bone tissue disease).

During this process there is a functional diagnosis and identification of the causes of diseases such as high abrasion, bruxism, supertension of the masticatory muscles, the displacement of the mandible. The necessary treatment will be prescribed at the basis of patient examination.

In our clinic we use for prosthesis the materials which don’t cause any allergic reactions, inflammation of the gums, a metallic taste in your mouth. Prosthetics of dental crowns and bridges are based on titanium, zirconium, and metal-free basis. New methods of restoration can achieve a perfect seal of dental crowns, which have completely natural appearance.

Contact us and you will get a high quality crowns, comfort and natural smile.