If you want to restore the lost tooth without turning of neighbouring vital teeth implanting is for you.

For successful implanting complete diagnostics and specialist’s consulting are obligatory. The dentist will choose suitable implanting system, define necessary tactic and following prosthetics. The stage of implanting system choosing is very important because the acclimation rate greatly depends on correct choice of implant. Implants may be of different length, width and material quality. The implantologist defines what implant is suitable for you taking into account bone thickness and height of alveolar crest. To define all implant’s parameters it is necessary to take a panoramic shot of the jaw. You may do it also in our clinic. In some cases the computed tomography is necessary.

For clients of Openko’s Dental Clinic we offer following implant systems: Miss (Israel), Euroteknika (France), ZL-Duraplant (Germany), U-Impl (Ukraine).

Important point of successful implanting is removal causes of potential rejection of the implant. The most popular reason is lack of sufficient volume of bone stock in a jaw. This problem is easily solved, in our clinic we carry our osteoplasty that helps to supply the lack of stock bone for the successful surgery. Sinus – lifting may be demanded if implanting is planned for an upper jaw. This manipulation supposes renovation of stock bone volume in lateral parts of a jaw in sinus of Highmore side.

In our clinic we offer each client the individual program of teeth recovery. You shouldn’t be hospitalized or take a vacation for installing of many implants once. Under condition of all dentist’ recommendations observance we can guarantee the result.