Orthodontics. Malocclusion, dental braces

90% of the population has crooked teeth or a malocclusion. Frequent headaches, gum disease, tooth decay, difficulty in prosthetics are just a small part of the inconvenience caused by an infringement of the bite.

Well-timed and appropriate orthodontic treatment ensures a beautiful smile, but also prepares conditions for successful solving of the majority of oral problems. Malocclusion should be treated because it may cause a variety of dental diseases from tooth decay to the loss of teeth.

It is no exaggeration but caries may appear because of over-crowding of teeth, complicating the procedure of oral hygiene, and improper chewing load distribution may lead to rapid wear of the teeth, weakening of the ligaments between the teeth and to the loss of teeth. Disruption of the temporomandibular joint may be the cause of pain and even headache.

Therefore it would be wrong to talk about correcting the bite, keeping in mind only a beautiful smile. The occlusion needs to be corrected and the sooner − the better! It will help to avoid serious health problems in the future and of course the financial and time costs for the procedures and prosthetic implants.

The choice of orthodontic treatment depends on what result the patient wants, what time he is ready to spend, and the age at which treatment is started.

After careful examination of the patient our clinic dentists will choose the best option to make a perfect dentition. Some patient should use restoration technique. For another patient a bracket system is the best option. When using the bracket system it is not injured mucosa and no damage tooth enamel. The teeth are moved into right place. The process of aligning the teeth by bracket system takes about one and a half years.

Today, braces are a kind of teeth decoration. Modern models are of small size and nice design.

In our clinic we use the whole range of modern bracket systems: metal, ceramic, sapphire and self-ligating braces that help to carry treatment faster and more comfortable.

High quality orthodontic treatment in the Openko Dental Clinic is provided by experience and excellent skills of the orthodontist, using of equipment and tools of the world's leading manufacturers and the most modern techniques.