Professional oral hygiene

Oral hygiene means healthy teeth. Even through genetic predisposition to caries and periodontitis correct oral hygiene and teeth cleaning may cut by half the risk of these diseases.

Besides, professional oral hygiene may forestall or follow other dentist procedures and help to reach the best result of cure.

Even when you constantly take care of your teeth some manipulations like dental deposit cleaning, preventing enamel strengthening may be held only in clinical conditions. Also during the survey the hygienist may determine the majority of dental diseases at initial stage and diagnose the risks of these diseases.

Skinning of dental deposit is made with the help of ultrasonic equipment. Special powder contains not usual soda but calcium carbonate that supplies active ions of calcium directly to enamel, reduces teeth sensitivity and prevents irritation of tunica mucosa of mouth after professional cleaning. After that a tooth polishing is made using special silicone brushes and polishing paste.

Professional cleaning means removing of dental tartar and smoothing of teeth root surface, that procedure prevents dental deposition. In its turn it prevents chronic inflammatory process that always causes lost of a tooth.

Professional cleaning is recommended for prevention of caries and periodontitis, fresh breath, prevention of stomatorrhagia and removing of colored deposit. Professional oral hygiene is painless and doesn’t damage teeth enamel, fillings and dentures. During the procedures the teeth are polished to shining smile.

With the help of our clinic You may:
  • clean dental deposit;
  • strengthen your teeth and recover their immunity;
  • reduce the risk of caries and periodontitis;
  • get the medical advice about oral hygiene.