Root canal treatment

One of the most important task in dentistry is treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis.

For the manipulations we use nickel-titanic appliance with computer engine. Accurate dimensions of root canal form allow to clean the root canal with antiseptic properly and fill it using special material. Filling is done according special methods and under strict control. To prevent bacteria access a tooth is isolated by special rubber curtain. All these measures help to get good and long-lasting result of treatment. It is especially important when you plan expensive tooth crown restoration.

In our clinic we use the most innovative osteogeny medicines to treat periodontitis.

Today the high standard of root canal treatment supposes microscope using. When we use microscope there is no impassable or “invisible” root canals. Due to microscope we can fulfill manipulations that were impossible recently; for example, foreign body extracting out of root canal at any level, out-filling of root canals that were treated with resorcin – formalin method. etc. Also such procedures are demanded while retreatment of incorrect cured teeth, preparation of teeth for the dental prosthetics.

Our clinic owns the operating microscope of the last generation it helps to improve the quality of root canal treatment and prevent all possible complications.

Due to our clinics You may:
  • get rid of acute pain
  • pass the complex survey after which the dentist develops the individual treatment schedule taking into consideration your peculiarities (level of health, pregnancy, medicine intolerance, spare time for visits and so on)
  • recover your teeth health with the help of modern equipment and technologies;
  • preserve even the most hopeless teeth;
  • get many other services.