Sterilization of instruments

In our clinic, customer safety above all else. Medical personnel pay due attention to the full cycle of cleaning and sterilization of materials, cleaning and disinfection of premises.

Currently, special attention is paid to the medical safety of the patient during treatment. In the clinic, "Dr. Openko" the Program of patient protection "Anti-AIDS-ANTIHEPATITIS", which is a whole range of measures, including the use of special equipment, sterile packaging, consumables and special methods of work. In health care, has no such protective systems, there is a significant risk of viral infection. Patient Protection Program "Anti-AIDS - ANTIHEPATITIS" Dentistry "Dr. Openko" allows you to securely close the possible exposure routes all groups of viruses, bacteria, toxins, spores and any other malicious agents.

The main phase of the program - a quality sterilization of reusable instruments. Pre-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and the solution sanitized special tool is sealed in a bag and then subjected to sterilization in autoclave. Sterilized in autoclaves and special dental handpieces. Sterile instruments, processed and packaged in such a way guaranteed to be maintained throughout the year.

A key part of the program "Anti-AIDS-ANTIHEPATITIS" in dentistry - a sterilization tips - rotators, which are set in the burr. If the tip is not to change, tissue debris and dental plaque, which are stored on the rotor tip, invisible but powerful jet coming into the mouth of the patient and the next through mucosal injury with a high probability it can infect. In our case, the tip after each patient is cleaned, disinfected and sterilized in a special unit DAC Universal, which we acquired in 2014.

In October 2016 the clinic was purchased modern autoclave Dac Professional + German company Sirona.

Several times a day, the air in the offices is run through a special device that provides its sterilization by ultraviolet color.

Based on the principle of separation, each patient used a one-time set consisting of shoe covers, breast tissue, saliva ejector plastic, wipes for disinfecting chairs and surrounding equipment, disposable handkerchief. Providing full range of activities is possible only when the 4 hands - doctor + assistant. In this case, a doctor and assistant to use one-time gloves and masks.


We believe that our patients are now protected.