Our Specialists

  • Openko Yuriy

    Openko Yuriy is the owner and head doctor of Openko’s Dental Clinic, full member of Ukrainian Dentist Association.


    He has a good command of the next treatments:
    • aesthetic tooth restoration using special materials and ceramics;
    • dental prosthetics (metal-ceramics, ceramics, zircon);
    • tooth implanting.

    He graduated from Lvov Medical Institute in 1993.


    1998 – took an educative course of restoration therapy using equipment, materials and methods of Dentsply International Corp., USA.
    2004 – took a theoretical course and did a practical part of a program: One-phase Implanting Using Q-implant System. Prosthetics with One-phase Q-implants (Trinon Company, Germany).
    2005 − took part in Q-implant Meeting Implantology Conference.
    2006 – took part in implantology master-class on Modern Methods of Implanting and Reconstruction.
    2006 − took part in Second International Congress on Dentist Implantology & Osteointegration.
    2007 − took a theoretical course and did a practical part of a program: Incision and Types of Flaps in Implantology.
    2008 − took part in seminar on X-ray Examination in Outpatient Practice of a Dentist.
    2009 – took a theoretical course on Regenerative and Plastic Aesthetic Parodontologic Therapy.
    2010 − took part in a course on Reconstruction of Alveolar Crest by Autogenic Bone Blocks.
    2011 − took part in International Dentistry Congress, Kiev.